Support vehicles 1996 &newer (OBDII &CAN).

Support Protocol IOS9141-2, IOS14230-4, SAEJ1850, IOS15765-4.

Coverage for the latest models 1 through 10.

Read & Clear DTCs.

Upgradeable via USB cable

O2 sensor and Evap system tests

Views freeze frame data

On-board monitor test (Mode 6)

Read Live Data.

Identify VIN information.

Turns off Malfunction Indicator Light(MIL).

Display monitor test(mode 6).

Read  fault code.

DTC code lookup.

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Launch CReader 3001 OBD2 Scanner OBD II EOBD Car Fault Code Reader Professional Automotive Diagnostic Tool, DTCs Check Engine Light Scan Tool, Support O2 Sensor, Evap System Test.


Launch CReader 3001:OBD2 Scanner: Car Code Reader: OBD II EOBD Car Fault Code Reader

  • POWERFUL COMPATIBILITY: Support OBDII/EOBD/JOBD protocols, Works on MOST 1996 US-Based, 2000 EU-Based, and Asian cars, and newer OBD II & CAN domestic or import vehicles.  It also Supports English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Portuguese. “PLUG AND PLAY”. It does not require any Battery or Charger. Just need to connect the diagnostic cable to the vehicle’s DLC socket. The Launch CR3001 can be powered and used.


  •  FULL FUNCTION: I/M: Readiness status test, View freeze frame date, LIVE DATA: View & Graph data stream, O2 Sensor, Evap system test, ON-Board monitor test, Read & Clear DTCs, Identify VIN information, Read DTCs, DTC code lookup, Turn off MIL(Malfunction Indicator Lights).


  • TURN CHECK ENGINE LIGHT OFF: Quickly read and erase stored emission-related codes, and pending codes and show code definitions. Turns off the MIL (check engine light), helps in resetting the monitor before taking it to Smog, plus tells you what is going on before bringing the car in for repair, and saves you the trips to your mechanic.


  • CLASSIC &PORTABLE DESIGN: built with a large LCD display (160*128 dpi), equipped with a 2.5 feet long cable, and made of a very thick flexible insulator. There are 4 buttons on CR3001. The Up and Down button is for scrolling the menu, and the “OK” and Exit buttons allow for entering the menu, and navigation back .portable size allows you to carry it around on your trip.


Full OBD2/EOBD Function Diagnostic Tool 3001 Code Reader Scanner CR3001 Launch

Support car models for OBDII diagnostic function:

All cars that support OBDII,  USA cars after 1992. It also  EU cars after 2002, Asia cars after 2008, and Japan cars after 2005.

 Product Introduction:

CReader 3001 provides full OBDII/EOBD diagnostic functions.

Multi-Language:  English, French, Russian, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese

THE FEATURES YOU NEED Color LCD display. It also Views freeze frame data, Views graphical and numeric data streams; Sensor tests; Monitored systems tests; No batteries, and supplies power through an OBDII cable.

THOUGHTFUL DESIGN: All-in-one screen. It also has easy-to-use hotkeys that make the CReader 3001 an ideal tool for the DIYer and professional technicians alike.

POWERFUL FUNCTIONS: Full OBDII/EOBD Diagnostic Functions. It also Reads & Clear DTCs, I/M Readiness Status, Read Freeze Frame, Read Datastream, Read Vehicle Information, O2 Sensor Test, On board, Monitored systems Test (mode 6). Reads pending DTCs, Read permanent DTCs. It also  Turns off Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL).

QUALITY GUARANTEE: Full manufacturer’s warranty and satisfaction guarantee. It also tool software can be updated via the internet so you always have the latest car model data. The launch is the leading car diagnostic tool brand.


Power Full Functions Launch CReader 3001 :

Full OBDII/EOBD Diagnostic Function.

Read and Clear DTCs.

I/M Readiness Status.

Read Datastream.

O2 sensor Test.

Onboard Monitorized System Test.


1-Screen-1.77 “TFT ,160*128dpi

2-Voltage Range-9-18V DC

3-Operating Temperature- 0C -50C

4-Environment Temperature-  -20C -70C

5-Dimension- 118mm*68mm*22.3mm