Can You put an OBD scanner in a Motorcycle?

Every now and then something goes wrong with our vehicles. During those times having your
equipment in hand can help you get rid of all your vehicle issues. Many maintain a repair box of
which not all tools in a main tenance box are mechanical. Of all the electronic tools, OBD
scanners are very useful when it comes to working with modern vehicles. Is this tool specific to
two-wheelers or four-wheelers or both? Want to know more? Keep reading ahead.
What is an OBD scanner and what is its function?
OBD is the short form of ‘On-Board Diagnostic. OBD is basically a communication device that
connects the mechanic with a car’s engine computer.

All types of vehicles now rely on sensors and computers to run properly. Especially since not
every computer failure is as simple as a broken wire. That’s where OBD ports and scanners
come in.

If there is any problem with the vehicle, it throws out a trouble code and informs the driver,
usually through something like the check-engine light. Through codes, it gets easy for anyone
and the mechanic to diagnose problems through an OBD scanner that plugs into the OBD port.
Through an OBD scanner, all you need to do is interpret the diagnostic code(s), it’s possible to
figure out what’s wrong, such as a broken spark plug, a failing catalytic converter, or a clogged
fuel injector.

OBD is a universal system that anyone can buy including ones that connect with smartphone
apps via Bluetooth.
Do motorcycle vehicles have an OBD Port?
OBD port is a required feature on new cars and trucks since 1996. Initially, motorcycles didn’t
have OBD systems because they didn’t rely on EFI. But today every motorcycle implement a
two-wheeler diagnostic cable, Nissan diesel special diagnostic tool, Bike Scanner & Diagnostic

OBD-II scanners are considered 2nd generation and universal OBD scan tool. The best OBD
car scanner India including KTM Bike Scanner is available online at MapOut.
How do you read a bike’s diagnostic codes?
You don’t necessarily need an OBD port to check your motorcycle’s diagnostic codes. If your
bike has an onboard computer, it has a diagnostic port to check for potential problems. Even if it
doesn’t have an OBD port, you can still easily access the codes using computer software or
through wireless Dongle.

The only non-good news is that pre-OBD and non-CAN-bus bikes usually have proprietary
diagnostic systems. This means a universal scanner or code reader won’t be useful. You will
need one designed particularly that goes with your bike.

However the specifics, all scanners work the same way. You connect them and read the
diagnostic codes displayed on your app or computer. While the old versions only display the
code number. Advanced scanners/readers tell what exactly is wrong.

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