OEM Auto Components

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OEM auto components
OEM auto components

manufacturer of OEM Auto Components. We are Design & Development Service  provider in the area of automotive, Aircraft components, Industrial equipment’s and machine tools to OEM’s and suppliers.

Mapout24 is specialized in Automotive product design, trainings like Interior Trim Design, Exterior Trim Design,  Vehicle Integration, Wiring Harness, Tool Design & GD & T for engineering drawing creation.
When referring to auto parts, OEM refers to the manufacturer of the original equipment.  the parts assembled and installed during the construction of a new vehicle. In contrast parts are those made by companies other than the OEM Auto Components, which might be installed as replacements after the car comes out of the factory.

Many auto parts manufacturers sell parts through multiple channels, for example to car makers for installation during new-vehicle construction, to car makers for resale as automaker-branded replacement parts, and through general merchandising supply chains. Any given brand of part can be OEM Auto Components on some vehicle models and aftermarket on others. Direct OEMs are officially held liable for things such as installation/recovery media, and as such were commonly provided until the late-2000s. These were phased out in favor of recovery partitions located on the primary storage drive of the PC (and available for order from the manufacturer upon request) for the user to repair or restore their systems to the factory state. This not only cut down on costs, but was also a consequence of the gradual obsolescence and phasing out of optical media from 2010 onward. System builders also have a different requirement regarding installation media from Direct OEMs


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