What is Vehicle Tracking System? Why is it essential for, Car, Truck ?

According to a recent report, a total of 2801 vehicle thefts took place in 2020. Of which 2,019 cases were of two-wheelers, 185 were four-wheelers and the remaining 623 cases were thefts of other vehicles like rickshaws, tempos, etc.
Some vehicles were tracked successfully, while many were hard to track down.


Most of it didn’t have a fully functional vehicle tracking system.

Vehicle Tracking Solution

Purchasing a vehicle is one of the biggest achievements and decisions for a common man’s life. Every man before purchasing a vehicle has to cumulate their hard-earned money piece by piece. After they finally purchase their dream vehicle. Losing it can be the most unbearable feeling.

However, in spite of such challenges and rising crime rates, people still don’t install a vehicle tracking system. The main reason they don’t install it is due to the cost.

But with the advancement of technology the prices have gone down drastically. At the same time, these tracking systems have been loaded with additional features that make life comfortable for vehicle owners.

Here are 5 reasons why bike and car GPS Tracker is necessary:

1. An expensive vehicle is always at a high risk of being stolen. You might think you have insurance, but, even with this option, you might not be able to recover the complete amount. Having a GPS tracker is an efficient solution as this will help you track down the vehicle and at the same time give you real-time updates about the vehicle.
2. There are GPS trackers that have a locking system. Which helps to control the essential functions of a car. Even when someone steals your car, you can take help from the GPS tracking company and lock all features inside the car. This way the thief won’t be able to get out of the vehicle and you will be able to successfully retrieve your vehicle.
3. When it comes to maintenance of these devices, they are very low maintenance. Most trackers come with a backup battery. This extends the battery life and at the same time reduces the cost of maintenance.
4. We all know how Uber and Ola works. While we book a cab for ourselves, the application allows us to track the real-time location of the car. With vehicle tracking devices your family can easily track your location even when there is no mobile reception.
5. Every parent is worried about their kids well being. Especially when they go out the height of tension is doubled. You can now easily track down your kid’s vehicle and you will always know where are your kids. Its smart GPS ID Card for employees and kids tracking, all details are available on our website.

To avail the best of these GPS trackers it is recommended that you invest in a good quality bike and car GPS Tracker. MapOut keeps the best in quality GPS tracking system Pune. They also mainly keep AIS140 GPS and obd2 GPS tracking systems. Still, confused about having installed a vehicle GPS tracker?

If you ask us, we say you should definitely invest in it. As it is not only user-friendly but they are also economical, at the same time comes with tons of features that help in measuring the performance of a vehicle.


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