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  • 9-pin D-Sub socket
  • OBD-2 connector – assigned for CAN only on:
    • Pin 6: CAN-High (J-2284)
    • Pin 14: CAN-Low (J-2284)
  • Length 1.0 m
  • Without termination resistors
  • All ODB-2 pins are mounted in the plug and can be assigned as desired.

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pcan-Cable OBD-2 CAN-OBD-2 Diagnostics Cable peak PCAN

In pcan-Cable OBD-2 CAN-OBD-2 Diagnostics Cable peak PCANThe PLIN-USB adapter is connected to the LIN bus via D-Sub. On the adapters PCAN-USB Pro FD and PCAN-USB Pro, the two field buses CAN and LIN are connected together via a D-Sub plug. However, separate access to the LIN components is necessary.

In Diagnostics Cable peak pcan the LIN Connection Cable for PC LIN Interfaces allows the tapping of individual lines. The LIN and the supply lines are led directly out to separate plugs and the CAN lines are forwarded to a D-Sub plug.

Technical Specifications of pcan-Cable OBD-2 CAN-OBD-2 Diagnostics Cable peak PCAN :

Pre-configured cable set for PCAN-USB Pro FD, PCAN-USB Pro, and PLIN-USB.
It also has a Split-up of the lines from the CAN/LIN connector to:
also has CAN (D-Sub plug, 9-pin).
and also has LIN (banana plug, 4 mm).
likely, also has a Power supply for LIN (banana plugs, 4 mm).
Moreover, it also has a length of about 0.75 m.
and Without terminating the resistor.
also Suitable for use in CAN FD buses.

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