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  • 16 Pin OBDII J1962 male connector & open wire
  • All 16 Pins male connected with different colors wires for different applications
  • Cable Length: 2 Meter
  • It can be used for 12V Car and 24V Truck, Car, Bus,
  • Black in color.
  • Easy to Install.
  • High-quality material used.
  • Male Connector with 16 Core wire.

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OBD-II Male connector with wire (2Meter) :

OBD Connector wire OBD2 Male Connector cable Extension Open Plug wire Cable :

Diagnostic Cable:

It is also an improvement over OBD-II in both capability and standardization. This Cable OBDII Connector standard specifies the type of diagnostic connector and its pinout, the electrical signaling protocols available, and the messaging format. It also provides a candidate list of vehicle parameters to monitor along with how to encode the data for each. There is also a pin in the connector that provides power for the scan tool from the vehicle battery, which eliminates the need to connect a scan tool to a power source separately.

In Cable Information of OBD2 Connector  :

It also has a Female OBD-II connector on a car Female OBD Connector connector pinout – front view The OBDII specification provides for a standardized hardware interface—the female 16-pin (2×8) J1962 connector. Unlike the OBD-I connector, which was sometimes found, under the hood of the vehicle, the OBD-II connector is required to be within 2 feet (0.61 m) of the steering wheel.

SAE J1962 defines the pinout of the connector as:

The amount of diagnostic information available via OBD-II Male connector with wire (1M)  OBDII has varied widely since its introduction in the early 1980s versions of on-board vehicle computers.


That is your car telling you there is an issue. If you visit a mechanic, he will use an OBD2 scanner to diagnose the issue.

To do so, he will connect the OBD reader to the OBD2 16 pin connector near the steering wheel.

This lets him read OBD codes aka Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) to review and troubleshoot the issue.

Features of obd2 male connector:

It is also a Brand new and high-quality OBD-II .
For connecting your diagnostic interface and your vehicle with OBD-II compliant
Length: About 2 meter
Weight: 130 gm
OBD-II Plug: 16-pin male to car
Mostly Used for diagnostic OBD-II Male connector with wire (1M)  to Diagnostic Cable Engine company Vehicles
Cable core: 16 Core

In obd2 extension cable OBD Connector Pinout Configuration
Pin Number Pin Name Description
1,3,8,9,11,12,13 Blank These pins are not standard and are vendor-specific. It is also not required for normal communication/interfacing
2 SAE J1850 Bus+ Likewise, This protocol uses Variable Pulse Width and is normally used by GM vehicles. This is the Bus positive pin of the protocol.
10 SAE J1850 Bus- This protocol uses Variable Pulse Width and is normally used by GM vehicles. This is the Bus negative pin of the protocol.
4,5 Ground Likewise, The ground of complete system of the Car including chassis
6 ISO15765-4 CAN High It follows a 2-wire CAN protocol at 1Mbps speed. It also CAN high Pin
14 ISO15765-4 CAN Low It follows a 2-wire CAN protocol at 1Mbps speed. It also CAN low Pin
7 ISO 9141 – K Line It follows an asynchronous serial communication protocol. It also Kline Pin
8 ISO 9141 – L Line It also follows the same as pin no 7, this pin is the L line

 It is also Compatible with diagnostic tools with a 16 pin socket. It is also Universal for all cars with OBD-II Interface. Cable Length: 60 Cm , Cable Core: 16

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