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Digi scan Dg scan J1962M to DB9F OBD pragathi solutions scan tool

  • Brand New & High-Quality OBD-II Male to DB-9 Female Cable
  • For connecting your Diagnostic Interface & your vehicle with OBD2 Compliant.
  • The length is about 200cm.
  • weight:152gm.
  • Mainly Used in Pragathi solutions Diagnostic Scanner.
  • Cable Core is 8 Core.

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total digi scan Dg scan J1962M to DB9F OBD pragathi solutions scan tool:

Introduction to Vehicle scanner:

  • To co-operate with the growing electronic & Sensors complexities across the Vehicle, Diagnostic Scanners have been introduced which help the user to identify & resolve the problem.
  • Tools that are customized to OE-specific requirements and developed in complete confidentiality with proprietary controls governed by OEM.

Core Features of total digi scan/Dg scan.

  • Communicates with multiple ECUs.
  • Multiple Protocols & Automatic Protocol selection.
  • Inbuilt Power supply, no external charging required.
  • Bigger TFT display.
  • Multiple parameters visibility.
  • Compare parameters.
  • Data Logging enabled.
  • DTCs with Cause & Remedial action.
  • Adjust required parameters.
  • Online firmware update.
  • online GUI Soñware for Logged data analysis.

Hardware Features total digi scan/Dg scan.

  • Handheld Scanner.
  • External Communication via K-Line / CAN.
  • CAN Communication via J1939 Protocol / UDS e Power supply range 08 Volt — 32 Volt.
  • 32 Bit, 120 MHz ARM Cortex Series Processer e Memory 2GB inbuilt.
  • Online Data Logger.
  • Inbuilt 09 volt Power Supply e TFT 4.3“ Display.
  • Touchpad.
  • J1962M to DB9F, OBD Cable.
  • Uploading the data to PC via USB 3..
  • EMI/ EMC protection enabled.

Software Features of Dg scan/J1962M to DB9F OBD Cable.

  • Software Selectable options for Bosch Diesel – EDC15 (12VoIt), Bosch Diesel – EDC16 (24 Volt), Bosch Diesel – EDC17 (12 Volt & 24 Volt), CNG- AFS, CNG- Delphi, Body Control ECU, BSIV OBDII.
  • Automatic Protocol (CAN / KWP) Selection e Display Real-Time data.
  • Adjust ECU Parameters e Set Vehicle Speed.
  • Write Injector Code (IMA) e Test Actuator.
  • Read & Erase Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) e Environmental Condition.
  • Freeze Frame Data.

For Dg scan Vehicles Supported.

  • TATA Motors.
  • Ashok Leyland.
  • Ashok Leyland – Light Vehicles.
  • Force Motors.
  • Eicher Motors.
  • Bharat Benz.
  • WABCO – ABS.
  • TRW – ABS.
what we use a car’s obd2 male connector port for:

In total digi scan Dg scan/pragathi solutions scan tool J1962M to DB9F OBD pragathi solutions scan tool  J1962M to DB9F, OBD Cable, obd Connector/obd2 male connector/obd2 male connector diagnostic/obd2 scanner slim 16 pins obd2 male connector diagnostic connectors it to read error codes recorded by your car’s electronic control units.
For example, you see a ‘Check engine light’ turned on. When your car encountered this error, it most likely stored information about the anomaly in its logs. You can then use a tool (OBD scanner) that connects through the OBD port on your car and reads the stored error message. This helps you identify the cause for the anomaly so that you know what you need to get repaired or replaced. Visualize data from various sensors on your car, in real-time.


you feel you have a larger than usual fuel consumption. can connect your OBD scanner tool and have it display live data from relevant sensors.then keep visualizing live-feed data while driving your car and this way pinpoint when the consumption reaches unusual levels, in real-time obd Connector/obd2 male connector/obd2 male connector diagnostic/obd2 scanner.

the diagnostic connector is a widespread standard for self-diagnosing and reporting of car faults implemented on most cars produced after 1996.
It started as a way for automotive producers to measure and control car emissions, but today OBD-II is the standard communication interface for diagnosing various vehicle subsystems.

Your car is packed with sensors and small individual computers that integrate and monitor information from the sensors. When something goes wrong and needs your attention, you will see a blinking LED somewhere on your dash or some error or warning on the screen. Or even worse, there will be no warning but you will notice a malfunction in some subsystem of your car (lights, parking mechanism, etc). Your auto technician will connect through the OBD-II car connector (see Figure 1 below) with some physical device (hand-held device, a laptop, etc) and will pool your car’s computers for status information and error codes. All this is made possible by the OBD-II standard.

Differences between OBD and OBD-II

In total digi scan Dg scan J1962M to DB9F OBD pragathi solutions scan tool OBD cable J1962M to DB9F, OBD Cable OBD Connector/obd2 scanner, diagnostic connector (actually, the correct name is OBD-I), and OBD-II are two versions of the same thing: a communication interface. OBD-I is older and OBD-II is the currently used standard. Until the industry settled for one standard, there were many versions and iterations. There were ADLD, M-OBD, OBD-I, OBD 1.5, and finally OBD-II. There is also EOBD (European onboard diagnostics), which is the European version of EOBD, JOBD (the Japanese version), and ADR 79/01 & 79/02 (the Australian OBD standard).

Unlike the OBD-I connector/obd2 scanner, which was sometimes found under the hood of the vehicle, you will find the OBD connector somewhere where the driver can reach it from her seat, usually below the dash or behind the ashtray.

In OBD cable OBD Connector slim 16 pins obd2 male connector diagnostic connector.

What Is OBD Connectors/obd2 scanner :

In OBD Connector OBD-II is an improvement over OBD-I,obd2 male connector in both capability and standardization. The OBD2 Connector,obd2 male connector standard specifies the type of diagnostic connector and its pinout, the electrical signaling protocols available, and the messaging format. It also provides a candidate list of vehicle parameters to monitor along with how to encode the data for each. There is a pin in the connector that provides power for the scan tool from the vehicle battery, which eliminates the need to connect a scan tool to a power source separately.

OBD-II diagnostic connector:

In total digi scan/pragathi solutions scan tool/J1962M to DB9F OBD Cable, Female OBD-II connectors on a car Female OBDII connectors pinout – it also has front view The OBDII,obd2 male connector specification provides for a standardized hardware interface—the female 16-pin (2×8) J1962 connectors. Unlike the OBD-I connector, which was sometimes found under the hood of the vehicle, the OBD-II connector is required to be within 2 feet (0.61 m) of the steering wheel (unless an exemption is applied for by the manufacturer, in which case it is still somewhere within reach of the driver).

SAE J1962 defines the pinout of the connector as: