High density db15 connector Female :

db15/d type connector/dsub 15/High-density db15 connector Female Connector range is part of Amphenol’s.  I/O-Connector portfolio which provides customers access to a wide range of industry-standard and application-specific. I/O interconnect solutions. Amphenol’s I/O connector solutions complete your board and system designs by providing  and high-speed interfaces to enable interconnect technologies for networking. FCI Basics D-Sub High Density Board-Mount connector Female Connectors.It also  based on the compact-D form factor, complete your board and system designs by providing high-density.It also  high-speed interfaces.

High-density db15 connector  of FEATURES

  • d type connector/dsub 15/High Dsub can accommodate more number of contacts in the basic shell sizes.
  • Selected layouts are also available in Press-fit and Pin-in Paste versions.
  •  Pin-in-Paste connectors come in Tape & Reel packaging.
  • Various PCB and Panel mounting accessory options were available.
  • Hoods are available in plastic, metalized, and metallic forms with locking screws.
  • It also Lead-free and RoHS compliant.



  • Answer to the increasing need for higher density packaging.
  • Meets different termination needs.
  • Time-saving as it can be automatically positioned on the board using pick and place processes.
  • Wide variety of choices for a secure connection.
  • Supports cable connection; Prevents risks of pulling up and accidental un-mating.